Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Adrianna's Articulation Assesment

Adrianna has been receiving in home speech therapy services through the state funded Child Find program (which any child under the age of 5 and living within the Boulder Valley School District is eligible for evaluation with). However, she is only eligible to continue in that program until she turns 3, and if she needs further state-funded speech therapy she needs to be enrolled in a program with the Nederland Elementary School for preschoolers.

Yesterday I brought her to be evaluated to determine whether she meets the delay requirements to be enrolled in the preschool program.

Yep. She does.

I got to watch most of the evaluation through the secret window/mirror, which was an interesting experience in of itself, but there were a few moments that made me cringe.

The evaluators asked her what her sister's name was. She certainly knows it (heck, some days I'm quite certain she hears it more often than her own name), and answered the question with what I recognized as how she says "Kristina".

The evaluators couldn't understand it. At all. They ended up looking her sister's name up from her file.

That is one of those basic things that should be understood. Although I guess in all fairness, Adrianna tried to tell them the name of her cats, Whispey and Diamond, as well and was as equally not understood for those.

Her Significant Articulation Delay is, apparently, still significant, despite all the improvements she's made working with her therapist the last couple of months. 


On the upside, she scored very high on the cognitive part of the evaluation (at least at the level of a 3.5 year old, if not older), and her understanding of the language of others is not a concern as she responded appropriately to the evaluators' directions and prompts. 

However, she also had fluid in her ears (the subsequent visit to her pediatrician said they didn't look infected), and had trouble hearing some low tones on one side during the basic hearing and vision tests, so she will also be going to an audiologist for a full screening, and possibly an ENT (ear nose and throat specialist) to talk about tubes, for persistent fluid (infected or not) is not a good thing, especially if it is negatively affecting her ability to hear. Oh, and her tonsils apparently look quite large, which may or may not mean we're on track to have them out just like Kristina's were.


  1. I'm sorry. This is definitely not what you wanted to learn. But, the good news is you're both getting support and you're getting it early. And yes, that's a long list of (possible) issues and complications to be dealt with, but let's just phrase it as "Adrianna does nothing by half measures -- she goes all in."

    Take care of yourself, and your little ones.

  2. Sounds like she's got quite the program coming up. I'm glad she's where she needs to be. And to be fair, I understood a bunch of what she said, too.

  3. Kudos to you for catching all this early!

    Plus, she gets bonus points for being a cutie!