Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Confessions of an Ambivalent Shopper

I like to go into the really fancy clothing stores, like Nordstrums and Banana Republic, and make/try on outfits for a life I will most probably never have.

I often buy stuff from the children's stores just because I feel guilty for the havoc brought by my children, with the full intention of returning it the following week.

I hate the annoying kiosk people with a passion normally reserved for... um.... annoying kiosk people.

I often accidentally walk into the manikins in department stores and then apologize thinking they were a person.

I have the compulsion to say "it's ok, you don't have to give me the sales speech" to the sales associate starting into her required promotional spiel, but just politely listen to it anyways before declining.

I impulsively start fixing stuff in stores I don't work at because things being shelved wrong bothers me.

I am intimidated by the makeup counters.

I love nice shoes, but am far to cheep to ever buy any.

I am horrified by the idea that I won't be able to shop for Kristina from the children's stores soon at her current rate of growth. 

I like the newness, especially the smell, of new clothes and hate washing them before wearing them because then they don't seem knew any more when I first wear them. 

I can't walk past the jewelry stores in the mall without rubbing my ringless ring finger and feeling sad.

I only buy one meal at the foodcourt for me and my children to share, because it's so overpriced and I hate how much we throw away if I get them their own meals, but now they eat more so I end up not really eating lunch.

I still forget my purse somewhere on one out of every three shopping trips. Somehow, I always thought I'd be better about that after 10+ years of doing it.

I deeply ponder if there's any real difference in getting all your name-brand clothing as hand-me-downs and from goodwill instead of buying them new from the store as I stare at little girls' dresses in Gap.

I hate skinny jeans, and glare at all the racks of them muttering about what I'd pay (which I totally actually wouldn't) for a nice pair of boot cut khaki cords. 

I still buy most of my clothes from the juniors department.

I am always paranoid someone will walk in on me in the middle of changing in the dressing rooms.

I haven't had a friend I would hang out with at the mall since I was in high school, and I miss having someone to talk to more than I like to admit. 

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  1. We'll go to the mall next time we visit each other.