Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ten Years of Dread

Alright, I'm a little nervous about the teenage years.

After all, the teenager is a strange and frightful beast to the parents. Plus it hasn't been that long since I was one, and remembering THAT is just down right terrifying.

Their personalities are so clear to me for what they will be. Kristina will loud and dramatic about everything, her world will be ending at least 3 times a week, she will be on her cell phone constantly, and doors will undoubtedly slam on occasion. Adrianna will have her moments, but for the most part be calmer and quieter and getting better grades. And sneaking out of her bedroom window because she's small and cute and trouble like that.

But my biggest worry is the learning to drive part.

More specifically, how Kristina will learn to drive several years before her little sister, and how I can just SEE her teaching 12 year old Adrianna how to drive while only possessing a learners permit herself.

In my car.

Because that is the relationship they have. Adrianna is a risk taker, and Kristina likes to feel as though she is taking care of her baby sister, even when it's more of the "enabling" sense.

So please, when I get that phone call from the police about pulling over my 12 year old for speeding on the interstate with only her permit-holding sister in the car, remind me of how cute they were when they were little.

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