Sunday, November 25, 2012

Toy Time

For the month of December I am in Captain of the Toy Team at Target.

Ok, admittedly I'm the only member of the Toy Team at the moment,  but I've been assured there will be probably 2 and maybe even 3 other people on it starting possibly as early as next week for me to Captain! 

Today was my first official day executing Operation Toys, and it was a lot of fun.

It was also a LOT of work and nobody seemed nearly as excited about all my awesomeness and working-ass-off-ness going into the toy section as I was. But hey, that's what working hard is all about, that under-appreciated warm fuzzy feeling that builds up in your chest as you remind yourself it is the season while taking up some hard drinking. 

My main focus right now is setting endcaps to the official Target brand* Plannogram sent from HQ in Minnesota, however it will progress to much more flexing** of sale items into prominent locations and managing the large quantities of PTM*** as the section gears up for the post-Christmas transition reset and massive toy clearance.

Aka, I get to be the one dealing with the massive cluster fuck that becomes the toy section a week out from Christmas. Somehow I will magically make less of a shit show than it often is. And soothe irate parents annoyed that we are sold out of Furbys. Or so they tell me I will. I suspect I may just start playing with the My Little Ponies instead of working at some point. But I think I'll try and hold off on that for another few days until it's too late for them to change their minds about me being there. 

Overall, I am excited to be in the position and the general consensus across the store is that it is very good for my personal development.

You know, there's always the possibility that eventually they'll decide promoting me up to an actual manager would be good. We won't go into how they like to say there's a difference between being a good worker and being a good leader (hence why I've been a top performer and yet still not really promoted, according to the higher ups) while slotting me into a position where I'll be a good worker for them to develop me into a better leader right now.

And I promise I will only discuss the merits of toys once a week or less this month.

You know, unless it's been REALLY exciting or I have absolutely no other ideas for blogging material. 

*brand is looking especially Target. For example, a clean and very neat shelf would be considered 'brand'. 

**flexing is when you ignore what the plannograms say and just put product wherever you want. It can be both liberating and challenging, since it often means you're trying to fit 20 of an item in a general space designed for 2. 

***PTM stands for pre-transition merchandise. When aisles are going to be reset, the product in them switches to ptm status a few weeks ahead of time, which means there is lots of flexing going on in the hopes that the stuff will sell before the aisles reset and it gets marked clearance. It also means no backstocking is allowed, you HAVE to find a place to put all of it on the sales floor.


  1. I think you might be quite possibly the most awesome Target team member ever (and that's saying something, because I have a friend who is an actual store manager, but she was hired in that position and never - I'm sure - Supreme Goddess of Toys.) You keep rocking on with your bad self!