Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An Extremely Random Tuesday

We got just enough snow to make the ground slick last night. When Target called their plow company first thing this morning to get the lot covered with ice melt, the trucks didn't even have the plow blades on them because they've been using them to prune trees. Could be interesting to see what happens if it ever decides to snow in Colorado again....


This may or may not be fake. That detail sure doesn't stop me from including it in my very random random blog post! 

Did you know dinosaurs made lemonade? Like there weren't enough reasons to think a Velociraptor would be the BEST PET EVER, now it will totally be a business investment for your lemonade stand too!


I impulsively ordered Christmas cards with family pictures on them this evening. 

(Hey mom, I ordered Christmas cards with family pictures on them that may or may not make it to the relatives before Christmas. I know how you like to keep these things classy.)  

I like to remember the first year I did it with baby Kristina and how I swore up and down I would do this every year with a big long letter of life. It's fun to remember how comically naive you were. 

There will be no letter this year. But you're going to get your picture card. Maybe even before Christmas. And you're going to like it. 

I also like to have goals. Like next year, perhaps my goal will be to do this before the second week of December. Or to consider drafting a Christmas letter. Or maybe just writing a really good blog post that doesn't include questionable homophobic literary illustrations about lemonade loving dinosaurs and include my blog address on them. That's totally the same thing, right?


Adrianna is starting a new preschool part time in January for her continuing speech therapy services. Her current preschool teacher asked me last week if they have any requirements for potty training. I spoke to the new preschool teacher yesterday, and asked her. 

Apparently the answer is yes, the class is potty trained. 

However because she has an IEP ("special ed") plan for language development (which is why she's attending this school at all), they will let her start in pullups with the expectation of her transitioning to underwear in the immediate future. 

Alrighty then. 

Potty training.

I'll get right on that. 

Now where did my copy of Toilet Training in Less Than a Day go???


All of our "fresh" bakery goods sold at Target come to us frozen. We literally take the frozen cupcakes and loafs of bread out of the freezer, put a shelf-life date on it, and set it on the shelf to thaw. It's really hard for me not to tell people they're dumb when they talk to me about only liking the "fresh" bakery items. 

However, we just started carrying "fresh" previously frozen apple pie. This will make people super excited, since they were all dissing on our frozen apple pie in the freezer. 

Like I said, it's really hard for me not to tell people they're dumb.


Kristina dislikes Kindergarten because they make her sit and learn stuff instead of just letting her run around and play.

I think Kindergarten is just fucking awesome. 


I hope you have many hours of restful slumber tonight and a wonderful day tomorrow. Or at least, no less than normal rest and a day that doesn't make you want to drink any more than you already do. 


  1. I so want to go to Kindergarten again, especially if there are naps.

    Good luck with that whole potty training thing. It's super easy peasy.

  2. I am mailing out a Christmas newsletter. It's "written" by my cat. This is because my children are boring and because I'm hoping to prune the humourous people out of our Christmas card list. Also because I'm a crazy cat lady. FUN TIMES!

    You are a better person than me: I would be telling all the dumb people about their dumbness.