Monday, December 3, 2012

The Perks of a Sick Baby

Sick babies and/or children aren't one of those things you think of as having a lot of upsides.

After all, there's the part where they threw up on their bed (and in all likelihood, your bed as well), and the part where they can't go to their normal activities (which often causes inconvenience for those who do things like "plan" around preschool and gymnastics). You get to spend all sorts of time exposing yourself and your sick child to the germ infested cesspool that is the pediatricians, and then the possibly even more questionable cesspool that is the pharmacy. And then, when they finally are sleeping you still can't relax or get anything done because you're too busy calling the nurse hotline to make sure you're not overlooking something like that little cough that actually might mean they have pneumonia instead of just the stomach flu and need to be rushed into the hospital.

However, once you get past the part where you're washing vomit out of your hair and unable to go to work, there are some ups to a sick kiddo.

They are totally happy to sit with you and watch Disney movies all day. A normal day requires lots of mommy energy to take them to the park and play a dozen games of candy land, but when they're sick they are SO chill. And it's kinda nice occasionally for a little change.

Naptime is back in full force. And you are just being a GOOD PARENT when your kid is sick and they want to nap with you. You are just prioritizing by ignoring the need to fold laundry in favor of making your sick baby happy with a little co-napping. Also, you get to nap too, which is great since you were up half the night before dealing with vomit.

There is no expectation of you making cook dinner. They don't feel good, all they want is to drink some juice and maybe get coxed into eating a few crackers, they certainly aren't going to notice the lack of full meal being presented to them.

And my personal favorite, you get a total pass on all the normal behavior that you feel guilty about as a parent. Like sippy cups, that Adrianna is getting kinda big for and I've been trying to use less to her great disappointment. The doctor saying to keep her well hydrated is a total pass at letting her carry around a sippy cup of apple juice 24/7 again. And we don't even need to go into the pacifier thing beyond the part that the sick baby (who may or may not be a month shy of her third birthday) wanted blue pacifiers and so the sick baby (who is supposed to be getting weaned from these things) got a new package of blue pacifiers when we were picking up her prescription.

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