Monday, December 31, 2012

Work Center Mayhem

Last month I got to be in charge of the toy section at work.

This week they are having me deal with endcaps. All the endcaps. Of the entire store.

Today was a long day, and not just because it started at 4am. Part of the masterful plan of how the store management is executing these shifts in work centers for me is changing my work center, handing me some vague and poorly laid out instructions, and then coming around to tell me what I have done wrong after I've been working on it for half my shift.

My biggest consolation to myself today was remember my first day over in toys. It was awful. Actually, that's not true. My first day was alright, as there was nobody there paying any attention at all to what I was up to. My second through 4th days in toys were just awful.

But! It got better. In fact, I was down right enjoying myself over there the past few weeks. And boy was I clinging to that memory this morning.

So perhaps I was just jumping the gun by having lots of people around today to pay attention to what I was up to and offer suggestions for what to do differently before I had already finished, right?

With those calculations, things should totally get better by about... Thursday.


If you need me, I will be taking a heavy dose of cold medicine to ease my haggard sinuses and/or liquor to ease my haggard soul and attempting to come to some sort of positive view of the world of Target with enough delusion to be optimistic about the rest of this week. 


  1. I LOVE Target's Endcaps!! All of the clearance items... (sigh)

    Save me something good!

  2. There's a Target opening up in the BIG city two hours south of my town. Whenever we drive past the site I think of you. In my mind, Marty = Target

    Happy 2013!