Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Newest Favoritest Thing

This morning began at 2:40am.

Do not be alarmed, for this is the time I have been getting up every day for work the past couple of weeks.

(Well ok, maybe you should be alarmed, as it has not been pretty of my sleep cycle or eating habits or general capacity to achieve a whole lot outside of work, but do not, however, assume it out of the ordinary.)

But today I was not going to work.

(Well, I actually wanted to go by to buy a few little things I had forgotten to get the day before, but I didn't know if my Marty-is-a-super-awesome-employee status would actually extend to letting my shop at most definitely closed store times when I'm totally not working.)

Today I was going on an airplane to go visit some cousins.

(Well, technically they would be cousins/aunts/uncles/etc. of my ex-husband, but we'll save the story of how that happened for another day.)

And somewhat impulsively yesterday I had picked up a pair of new coloring pads for the girls.

Did you know Target now carries a very select assortment of Melissa and Doug toys? I was rather excited by this, and even for reasons beyond them being cheaper than Amazon rates for a few items.

(Like getting to use my team member discount. Ahem.)

And just in case you're the technical (super geeky Target shopper??) sort, there's a front focal endcap in the toy section and a craft one (possibly on the back, I never did remember to check if it was supposed to be there or not, but it gets kinda technical about which ones should be on the front (ie- somebody paid Target more money to put their shit in prominent locations), and it just seemed like a strange one to have the back to me even though that was where I was told to put it) over in office supplies.

And should you be in the vicinity of the Boulder store, you can see both of them which were put up by me. They have fancy yellow header displays and backer paper. Backer paper is an often overlooked detail of stupid-shit-we-do-in-the-store-that-makes-it-better-than-Walmart, but lets just say it's now a core part of my job now and thus I'm assuming you will in any way care about it too.

But getting back to the purchases I make because I work there..........

These pads are the magic paper sort where if you color it with the special marker the colors and pictures appear. They are marketed into very travel-oriented pads, and come in three varieties of purple fairy, pink princess, and orange something-or-other-that's-not-hyper-girly.

And my children L-O-V-E them.

No really, they colored pictures in them for the last third of our plane ride, and then Kristina spent much of the afternoon asking me why she couldn't color in it more ("because they are for the plane" "but whhhhhy?" "because they are special drawing pads for the plane" "can I color my princess pad NOW?" "are we on a plane?" "yes").

This may not sound like life-changing material to your average person.

Your average person clearly does not know how much 45 minutes (and they would have done it for LONGER had I not made them put them away because the plane was landing) of quietly entertained sitting still children without requiring my direct amusing of them is worth.

Also, I would just like to point out that it is a toy that BOTH my very different children seemed to enjoy EQUALLY well.

That is a huge ground-breaking thing in of itself!

So, I would just like to conclude the rambles that I'm calling blogging this evening with one more unpaid promotional pitch for the Melissa and Doug magic color pad, which is totally $4.99 at Target.

You know, just in case you want your world to be epically changed or to at least buy some cheap and highly portable amusement for a small child.

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