Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oh Hey There Internets


Remember me?

I blog here.


(Or so they tell me.) 

So, it's been a bit of a hectic couple months, with lots of crazy life going on.

There have been additional recent complications, like me changing work centers (again...) which is only important for this post in so far as it changed my hours around so now the time I often spent blogging should be being spent sleeping (and maybe even is like 30% of the time!), and I haven't figured out new blogging time yet in my schedule (or like, how to eat lunch).

And then my laptop ate shit and died this week and I was without internet except on my lunch breaks from work on my cell phone for DAYS.

(It was a very traumatic experience for me. I may need therapy. And that's just to come to terms with my internet addiction, not to deal with the trauma caused from my lack of it for half a week.) 


The blogging thing.

It hasn't been happening that much.

But the part which I actually feel BAD about (vs. the usual levels of low laying guilt) is that it was Adrianna's birthday on Monday, and I have not gotten a birthday post done for her.

I had plans.




And then the laptop with the pictures and some of the notes on it turned into a lovely hunk of useless metal.

(Well, perhaps I shouldn't say useless. It makes a very nice paperweight... and does absolutely nothing else, since it won't even turn on.)

And I just did not have it in my to pull something together after the frustration and coming to terms with the computers lack of functionality.

So, sorry babygirl.

It wasn't a good year for your birthday.

However, at least I kinda sorta have a making-up-for-my-total-parent-suckiness-from-complete-lack-of-party-planning-or-want-to-do-one in the works.

You see, we're leaving in less than a week (holy shit that's soon, I need to like, pack, or something... maybe.....) to go visit the cousins in DC.

I'm pretty sure the part that makes a small child's eating of cake and playing with balloons into official party material (since she totally had cake balloons and presents on her actual birthday here at the house with sister and grandparents) is when there are other small children present.

Therefore, coordinating to have all the little cousins around at the same time (and lets face it, there were good odds we'd have an afternoon with at least 3/4s of them all there at once anyways) AND cake... well now, that sounds like instant 3 year old birthday party to me! Throw in some balloons and those blowy things, and it'll be catalog picture worthy. 

(Ok, AND it gets me out of one horribly awkward social event with the other preschool parents whom I am just terrible at befriending and still kinda dread the obligated parental functions that require standing around and making small talk by using family members as friend substitutes for her. But you know what, if I just give that child enough cake, she's not going to actually care who is eating it with her....)

Yep, this could work for us... 

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  1. Life happens to the best of us. I think the only people who can reliably blog are those that get paid to do so. Otherwise, it falls down the list of priorities.