Friday, February 8, 2013

A Monumental Moment at the Park

This past weekend was a gorgous Colorado no-this-isn't-really-winter one, and the girls and I took full advantage of the crystal clear blue skies and warm sun to spend a few hours at the park down in Boulder.

However, this visit was much more than simply taking advantage of an unseasonably warm day.

For years (years!) I have been bringing books with me to the park, with that faint hope that maybe I'll be able to read a little bit while my children happily frolic with their own amusements.

This was the first time it ever actually happened.

Usually I get a page or two down, but never anything as substantial as almost two CHAPTERS in between the need to referee and catch escaping toddlers and the demands for pushes on the swings.

And a big part of why things went so smoothly this particular day I think was because of the park we were at.

Scott Carpenter was affectionately known as the rocket ship park back in my youth, and a generation passing hasn't changed that in the slightest.

However, as a parent I now have a whole new appreciation for the cage factor of its design, as I got to focus more on reading and less on the keeping tabs on two highly mobile little specimens racing all over the place, because there just isn't anywhere for them to go from the top level of the rocket. 

I would also just like to sincerely thank Adrianna for being every bit as capable of getting down again as she was getting up, as going up inside that thing just isn't as exciting 20 years later and may or may not be seriously pushing the limits of "spaces my hips actually fit through".

My world is going to be awesome this summer.

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