Monday, February 4, 2013

Why I Adore Nan

Nan is a blog buddy of mine, who keeps her own crazy little world over at The Wrath of Mom.

If memory serves (and trust me, this is a vague guess at best...), I happened across her blog when I was browsing the internets for information on scurvy looking tonails, and somehow got totally hooked on her hilarious and insightful commentary on life.

And after leaving a comment or 12, she wandered her way on over here and became one of my favorite blog visitors.

Or so I think. I could be totally wrong in how we found each other on the interwebs. Maybe she is awesome enough to tell us the REAL story of how we became blogging buddies, as I am clearly just not on my game on this one.

But back to the point of this post...

She's one of my favorites mostly just because she leaves me comments like this [in response to yesterday's post]:

Sounds like it's time to start dating customers. Which brings up the question: in what department would you find the best single males over the age of 21? In the men's department undergarment area? Perusing high end electronics? By the condoms? Maybe you could get in good with the pharmacists who could tip you off when someone with a premium benefits package purchases some medicine NOT related to an STD.
Oh, the possibilities are endless!

After I stopped laughing, I was all about how I totally gots a couple buddies back there behind the pharmacy counter, that's a GREAT idea!

Ok ok, my first thought was the time when I got asked whether we sold airplane carry on size lube and that other time I overheard college students discussing whether the economy sized condom box would be enough for the upcoming weekend and subsequently how I now avoid the condom aisle like the plague whenever possible, but the pharmacy part just seems so much classier. And believe me, we care about keeping classy on this blog.... *ahem*

I also may need to give some serious consideration to the clientele shopping in electronics. If only I understood more of the questions they ask me....

"I need a cord for __[big complicated thingy of which I only vaguely grasp that it has something to do with computers]__"

"Well, let me just show you where ALL our computer cords are over here (and hope to hell you spot it immediately and don't expect me to magically find it for you)"

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  1. THANK YOU, MARTY! I'm so flattered. I have no idea how I "met" you either. But I love your blog. Also, (and I hope this doesn't sound strange) my husband loves your blog, too. He says your very funny. He's right.

    "airplane carry on size lube" -- I have no words but I'm adding this to my list of reasons it would suck to work for the TSA. Right after "touching strangers junk" and "wearing polyester uniforms."