Friday, March 1, 2013


Last week was the one year mark of my divorce being finalized.

I had been a bit apprehensive about the day itself (after all, it's the sort of date you can't ignore once you remember what it is even though you wish you hadn't), and had even gone so far as to consider slightly outrageous acts such as sending myself a disgustingly large bouquet of flowers at work in honor of it.

Somehow though, the super public display of self-affection got sized down to telling myself that I can go buy one of those fancy chocolate cakes and eat the whole thing by myself if it's a crummy day, and even that went by the wayside when I was to tired to be bothered with the trip to the bakery when I got off of work.

So ultimately I did not celebrate it in any way outside of my own mind pondering how best to celebrate such an event beforehand. Which you know, is totally fitting considering the marriage it ended never had a damn thing done for it's wedding anniversary either. 

Maybe I'll get myself flowers and cake for that if it's a day that is still hard this summer...


  1. If I lived closer to you I would buy TWO sinfully delicious chocolate cakes and drive to your house and we would each eat one and watch Star Trek and quite possibly drink and debate which Starfleet officer would make the best husband and which would be the best in bed and which would give the best wedding anniversary presents.

    Sorry I can't make that happen.

    Slightly off topic: I watched My Little Pony Friendship is Magic this week and thought you'd approve. Then I took a quiz and it turns out I'm an Applejack!

  2. I wish you someone tall and handsome. And handy. AND handsy.