Sunday, March 10, 2013


They did it.

They finally scheduled me for my Team Leader (mid-level Target store manager) district interview for tomorrow morning.

Now please understand, the interviews aren't directly linked to a promotion, but rather more of a 'pre-qualifying' measure.

So basically, I go through this interview of extremely scripted questions ("tell me about a time you.....") and rehearsed answers, which they use to get a feel for my personality over the phone.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

However, the part that I do understand is that this is a pass/fail sort of thing, and that there is no way in hell I'm getting promoted without passing it.

(I think I may need to work on my scripted personality some more.)

Anyways, I've been alternating being hyper excitement (yay it's finally happening!), pessimism (remember, I'm still not promoted after it, and can hang out 'on the bench' as they like to call it for another year), and panic (would you like another dose of crippling stage fright and stranger anxiety? yes please).

My most recent 'stuff to go over pre-interview' session including the comment "and if you don't pass, we'll just keep prepping and you'll go through it again until you do pass or until you say you want to stop".

Oh goody. Groundhog day style of promotability.

But see, the questions I'll be asked are from a packet which I've had for months. The stories I'll be saying have been carefully cultivated to include the most possible Target happy words and repeated so many times I'll probably be muttering them on my death bed. 

If I don't pass, it's because either a) I froze and couldn't remember my recitation or b) my artificial personality wasn't deemed good enough.

Which means further prepping is all about being better rehearsed in my rehearsed personality and delivery??

But it's ok, because I totally got this the first time around. Right? Right!


Wish me luck (and composure and a good hair day and lovely articulation with quick (work-appropriate) wit).

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