Saturday, March 30, 2013

Terrified of Turtles: An Adventure in Dawinism

Last week Adrianna and I went to pick up her big sister.

It's been spring break here, so Kristina was spending a few days in the only school age child care program less than a 40 minute drive from our house an awesome nature program here in Nederland where they did all sorts of cool stuff like snow shoeing and a field trip to the museum.

However, on this particular day they were running just a little bit late getting back to the school from their daily field trip of awesome fun, so little Adrianna and I got to hang out in their nature room for a while.

In a somewhat futile attempt to keep her from completely destroying the little gift shopy area, I tried to get Adrianna into the animal room where they have all sorts of horribly creepy things like living giant tarantulas and scorpions and lots stuffed dead furry carnivores. 

I had a moment of excitement when I saw this so conveniently placed on a table pair of turtles inside a small plastic bin for feeding, thinking that THIS was just the way-less-likely-to-give-me-the-creepy-crawly-creeps sort of distraction we needed right then.

And then I tried to sit Adrianna in the chair at the table.

Yeah.... so, turns out Adrianna has a deep seeded highly irrational fear of.... turtles.

Or so I gathered when she started screaming and wouldn't let me put her in the chair and ran to the other side of the room when I set her back on the floor.

(I probably should have been expecting one of these 'quirks' to surface eventually after her sister and the various Disneyland/Santa Clause/costumed mice incidents.)

(Clearly the delusion of "well maybe this child will be more.. um..... normal...." just needed to meet Reality.)

But you know what Adrianna did like? The bear pelt with taxidermy-ed head.

So, to recap...

Bear with large open jaw full of teeth? Favoritest thing ever that she was super sad couldn't be brought home with us. Turtles in plastic tub on the table behind her? Scary as shit and not to be trusted.

My child may or may not be eaten by the local wildlife this coming summer season.

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