Saturday, March 23, 2013

The House Hunting Saga Continues

For those of you just tuning in (hihihihi!!), the Marty house hunting saga has been going for a couple of years at this point.

Standard procedure: I find a beautiful house I want, envision I can somehow actually manage to buy it through some truly spectacular small works of fiction regarding my employment/paycheck/marital status, and then fall madly in love with it while day dreaming of life livin there.

......And then reality comes along an smacks me upside the head again, and I get super mopy for a few days/weeks about the whole situation.

But! I think some actual progress is being made.

Like, in the world connected to reality, even.

(Crazy shit, I know.)

My official debt is almost non-existent.

I've spoken to several mortgage people. They've given me some counseling on cleaning up the rest of my credit score (turns out divorcing can have some nasty trailers on the finance front), and one even was willing to give me an official pre approval for a real mortgage.

With that pre approval, I was able to finish and turn in my (over an inch thick) application to the Boulder Affordable Housing Program. I've already completed the classes for it, and *should be* totally good to go in the program once they finish processing the paperwork.

I applied for a down payment assistance program and a 4to1 matched savings program for those looking to purchase a property, and will be spending my Thursday evenings in May in classes for that.

And I've come to the slow and painful realization that RIGHT NOW what is the most important priority to me is reducing commute time. I am -done- driving in and out of the mountains 6 (7,8,9...) times a week. I'm am done clocking that many hours of my life doing nothing but driving between stuff. I am done having my kids going to shool in a different city than I work in. I am done putting that many miles on my car. I am done spending that much money on gas every week.

And so it means the sort of house I will realistically be able to have is changing to meet these priorities. A condo, or maybe a town house, with horrid HOA fees is just how it will have to be.

Because I want that under 5 minute commute time more than I want a pretty front stoop and basement. By a lot, even.

And what makes this whole process even more self-reflective is when I pause to try and remember is such priorities as a big back yard were ever really mine. And if they weren't, why has it still mattered to me for so long?

There is a vision inside my head of the sort of home I should be raising my children in. But see, nothing else has come close to lining up to this vision so far, so why the hell should it matter is the house itself is as far off as being a single parent and working entry level retail have been?

I think it's fading though. Took much longer than it should have, but fading and morphing into something that might even be real (like a mortgage with the salary I actually make right now).

And that is pretty damn awesome.

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  1. WHOA. You've really got your ducks in a row.

    Friends of ours have moved to a big city and into a condo townhouse complex. They are loving it. No yards means no yard work which means more time for hobbies and sleep. The HOA isn't so bad because it helps mediate disputes between neighbours and has clear rules about things. Plus it's much more environmentally friendly (in terms of heating for one) to have attached houses, versus stand alone structures. The other plus is that there are a lot of young families so their kids have friends at the ready.

    And I think I just talked myself into moving in with you.