Monday, April 22, 2013

An Update on Life

Or, The things I have been doing instead of blogging:

Some of you remember the part where I was interviewing for a Team Lead. After it took a ridiculously long time to schedule my interviews, a ridiculously long time for them to come around, and a ridiculously long time for me to get feed back about said big important interview, I learned that I did not pass BUT they think I have potential. I'm pretty sure I bombed it when he asked me questions which were not a part of the pre-rehearsed interview packet and I actually opened my big mouth to let out original thought instead of reciting Target lines. I should know better. However, I have been told that we shall continue to work on my development and I will be allowed to interview again. Eventually. I think I will write down a small dictionary's worth of teamspeak on my hand before the next one and just start hollering out words from it if we ever go off script again.

Also, my schedule has been 4am-12:30pm 5 days a week since January. In addition to not getting quite enough sleep every night, I'm also spending more of time off from work with my kids in the afternoon/evening hours. I suspect this is good, except for the part where it puts a serious crimp into my habitual computer time.

Buying a house.
I happen have the challenging situation of having a low wage job in a high living cost area, which means managing to pull this off in a financially sound manner has taken quite a bit of preservation, planning, and paperwork. So much paperwork. And I haven't even actually tried to BUY anything yet! However, I did put in an intent to purchase form on the most perfect house ever through the Boulder Affordable Housing Program, and now am waiting for the results of the lottery on it. Should I get lucky, I'd be able to actually buy a place and be moved in this summer. You know, only succeeding in the biggest personal want/goal I've had for the past two and a half years.  No worries about how my stress level and patient pins and needles waiting will be for this week as the go-big-or-go-home day roles around for the cutest and most convenient affordable priced condo ever.

I'm pretty sure that the part where I am actually buying a place may continue to be stressful and time consuming as well. Therefore, you'll probably see me blogging again next October or so.

I don't blog much about these sorts of social activities. I'd like to say it's because I have a high moral ground of what is and is not appropriate to share on the internet, but really it's just a combination of personal awkwardness on talking about the subject and a previous lack of blog-worthy suitors. However, I have been seeing the very gentlemanly friend of a friend for about a month or so, and he is making his way into the blog-worthy category. And maybe for reasons even beyond not being a jerk and having a regular job.

Like how he took me to see Jurassic Park in 3D, which was just awesome until he took some of my plain M&Ms mid-dinosaurs and then offered me Reeses Pieces in exchange and we almost had an argument in the middle of the theater from the combination of my outrage of having my chocolate unexpectedly taken and his shock over my dislike for peanut butter and chocolate being combined.

The girls are as much of an adorable handful as ever, and thanks to my work schedule being what it is I get to spend lots of time with them in the afternoon/evenings. You know, after already working a whole day and being a bit on the tired side from chronic sleep exhaustion and having been up and going hard for 15 hours already. Sadly, my patience has been a bit thin with them at times. However, they continue to grow and thrive and be muddy, so I think we'll make it through alright. Kristina is right on track for her Kindergarten assessments despite her protests that she'd rather just play, Adrianna is getting herself a reputation for being sneaky and smart, and the two of them together are a definitely trouble. I have also been doing lots of good mommy things, like updating their immunization records to keep the school happy, following up with dr. appointments, and making sure they're registered in summer camp programs.

Now, the prospect that I may be scrambling at the last minute to get new summer care programs lined up if we manage to actually move out of the mountains in the next two months is one that makes me flinch a little... but as of how things stand RIGHT NOW, they are well in hand.

Taxes, which proved extra challenging thanks to computer submission difficulties. Rewriting the parenting plan with the girls' father, which hasn't been going particularly well. Iphone, so awesome I can almost overlook what I need an actual computer for except for stuff like blogging in which case the old desktop is falling woefully short of actually doing what I want it to do. Job searching, by which I mean I briefly thought about how I should try to find a better job again before deciding that there's enough other stuff going on right this second. Board of Directors at the preschool, I'm still on it despite occasional feelings of guilt for not doing more and we're about to gear up for the big annual fundraiser which I try really hard not to hate doing. Reading Harry Potter, because I was tired of being the only person on the planet who hadn't read it yet and three books in it's starting to grow on me. Writing occasionally, even though you can't tell by this blog stuff does get composed other places from time to time.

I think that's everything. I feel slightly less bad for not being more about signing up for some of the Target volunteering opportunities, as when I write it all down it sounds like I have a hell of a lot going on in my little life already these days. Also, perhaps I shouldn't feel quite so personally failing for not blogging for the first 21 days of April. Now I just need to figure out how to keep the things that are there from being overwhelming and to, perhaps, get more than 4 or 5 hours of a sleep a night.

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  1. Seriously?!

    Are you for real?

    Are you having me on with this post?!

    Reese's Pieces are awesome. But it does help if you try not to think of them as having peanut butter, but peanut paste.

    Also: ET liked them.

    The. End.