Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kristina's New Haircut

On Friday Kristina got her first haircut in nearly three years.

Some of this time is due to procrastination on the behalf of her mother.

(In all fairness, I'm terrible about procrastinating getting own hair cut as well.)

Some of this time is due to Kristina's last hair cut being done with her in complete screaming meltdown mode and the subsequent trauma of this event and her (and my) apprehension of doing it again.

(I do not exaggerate when I say screaming meltdown, and you have not heard a child pitch a fit until you have heard Kristina.)

Some of this time is due to her wanting long hair and me having great reservations towards many of the standard little girl hair cuts.

(We won't get into my inner feelings on bangs today). 

Some of this time is due simply to the fact that her hair doesn't grow very fast, and therefore her need of a haircut was a supremely slow progressing one.

(Well at least we know of one particular genetic trait she got from me.)

However, a haircut she got, and she behaved with nothing less than flying colors

(Of course, the part where they asked if she wanted princess bows and sparkles put in may have helped. Also, why did I not have princess bows and sparkle haircuts as a child?)

She just may have came out of it looking more adorable than ever before.

And I didn't even cry over the part where some of that hair they snipped she had probably been born with.


  1. SO CUTE! She's looking so grown up now.

  2. She looks adorable. And I love that her hair is still shoulder length, so it's still "long"