Saturday, May 4, 2013

Biggest Baby

Back when Adrianna was itty bitty, I used to ponder about whether she was too quiet, too chill, too small. I was worried she would get walked over, pushed around, lost in the shuffle.

I shouldn't have worried.

As she has grown, she has come quite into enough personality and strong opinion of her own to handle any situation.

Especially when someone calls her a baby.

In the world's defensive, her lack of hair does keep her looking younger than she is, and she is only three after all.

But she gets spitting fire mad when someone calls her a baby.

For, as she will rightly tell you in her rage, she is a big girl.

Unfortunately, the biggest repeat offender isn't the older kids at the park or her classmates or even her big sister.

It's me.

I know I know, such shame....

But see, she's MY babygirl.

She was MY babygirl three years ago, and she will be MY babygirl ten years in the future.

I have occasionally told people that I couldn't give birth without having already named the child, because I would just end up calling it Baby for the first six months and at that point the name would be stuck.

Except that I sorta did call Adrianna 'Baby' a lot when she was one, even though she was named, and now I still use it as a term of endearment rather often.

And she HATES it.

Sorry Baby, I promise Mama will get her shit together one of these days and remember to stop calling you that.

You know, once you stop being so damn adorable.

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  1. My daughter is 15 and she's still my baby girl! Once she gets older & realizes this is something she can't win, she'll accept that title forever!