Thursday, May 16, 2013

Go Pink or Go Home

The biggest challenge of putting colors in naturally dark hair is the bleaching process. 

The last time I pinked my hair I went to a salon and had a nice lady spend an hour fussing over it while I read my book. 

Overall it was a good experience, with the exception of her making it much more pink than the purple I requested and the color itself fading in an odd pattern disappointingly quickly. 

However, it wasn't particularly cheap to do, and with how crazy everything is already this month with buying the condo and all I wasn't exactly feeling the motivation to make a hair appointment any time soon. 

But the color was fading fast and leaving blond in it's wake, and I'm just not much for going blond. 

So I impulsively decided to re-color it with the leftover dye from my original forage into hair pinking a year ago. 

There were some technical difficulties along the way. 

Like, how it's really hard to do stuff to the back of your own head. 

So, after some glitches in the whole "wrap the bleached chunks of hair in foil as you evenly coat with pink", I decided to throw caution to the wind and just smear a fairly liberal coating of fuchsia coloring over most of my head. 

There were some unexpected complications in this part as well, like how I managed to get much of my skin pink along with my hair, and there was definitely a moment where I started to genuinely worry what I had gotten myself into. 

However, after some serious washing of the hair and furiously scrubbing of the skin (and the subsequent washing of the shower to remove the pink effect),everything  appeared to have come out ok. 

And then my hair started to dry. 

And as my hair dried, I noticed that there seemed to be much more pink in it than there had been previously. 

Turns out brown is relative, and some brown can retain pink without being bleached beforehand.

Ah well, there are worse things to do accidentally to one's hair besides a bit of excess pink (which is something I should remind myself of when my children inevitably take hair pinking into their own hands). 


  1. WHAT?! No after picture?! No fair.

  2. Need some after pics.

    Oh, and I'm not dead yet!

  3. I want pink or purple hair so bad. But my hair. My hair is so stinking dark. So I need to see your after pics to see if it's feasible.