Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Going Overnight

This week I'm going overnight for work. 

We're resetting all of the coolers and freezers and it was decided by those who are not me that doing it when the store was closed would be an advantageous way to go. 

The part of my mind not concerned about my nightly sleep and dreading how cold it's going to be actually sees a lot of sense in this decision, and that part was the one that agreed to this whole endeavor in the first place. 

However, as sleep is something I value a close second to chocolate, I spent some time pondering how to switch to the overnight schedule and still get some amount of sleep this week. 

And I had a plan. 

Implementation of operation snooze button began last night by me staying up really late. 

Or would have, if I'd managed to stay awake past 10:15pm. 

I may have been going to bed at 8 for too long. 

So, first stage of operation snooze button was a bit of a fail. But never fear! For I am full of valor and ambition and was totally ready to take on stage two this morning by spending the hours my children were in school in my bed sleeping. 

Or rather, laying in bed trying really hard to sleep and telling myself that occasionally reading and checking Facebook was totally almost as good. 

We'll see how tonight goes. 

But don't worry, Target is totally stocking caffeinated gum these days, I'm sure ill be fine. 

1 comment:

  1. Caffeinated gun? That sounds interesting ....
    Although, to be fair, I would think caffeinated gum would also be an interesting endeavor.