Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shark Tooth

Kristina has her first adult tooth coming in.

As she has been incessantly asking me when her baby teeth were going to fall out, one would think that this might be cause for celebration.

You would be wrong.

You see, none of her baby teeth have fallen out yet.

After my few moments of mommy freaking out over my first born having another weird thing going on with her teeth, I did what any rational parent would do and googled it.

Turns out the condition is often called shark teeth and it happens in about one out of ten kids.

The articles managed to have just enough 'it's not THAT strange' language to be reassuring while still ensuring that I called her dentist and got her an appointment as soon as possible.

From my extensive (and questionable sources) research, I have concluded that the dentist may start pulling baby teeth. Or do nothing at all. Which sorta depends on vague subjective criteria.

So in the mean time, I get to continue to console my baby girl on her lack of tooth fairy visits yet, and make sure I am stocked up on tooth fairy cash before Wednesday just in case the dentist decides to clear out half her mouth.


  1. Ouch, is it hurting her coming in like that? Poor girl.

  2. Ooh, at least it's coming in on the inside of the baby teeth! Mine came in on the outside so when I smiled it was rather nasty & dragon-like. The dentist ended up pulling some baby teeth - hope Kristina doesn't have to go thru that!

  3. I have one shark toothed child. Age 11 and his baby teeth are not falling out so he's had 6 teeth extracted by the dentist. It's no fun -- for both of us -- but it's not an issue until they get older. Also the tooth fairy pays extra for teeth taken out by the dentist. At least in our house.