Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sippy Cup

I'm not sure whether it's my motherhood status and years of genuinely appreciating the functionality of sippy cups, or if I've just worked at Target surrounded by cheap gimmicky crap for so long that I can no longer objectively tell classy vs tacky. 

But regardless of the reasons for why, I think I may have found my new favoritest drinking thing ever in wine glass sippy cups. 

The lack of spills. The sturdiness. The fun color lids options. 

The long and varied list of places you could use them. At the playground, when camping, job interview, on a bike ride, preschool graduation ceremony, at the zoo, when you're already quite tipsy, sitting on the couch with your kids watching Disney movies.... 

Yep, truly a device for the ages. 

Also, I should probably go ahead and apologize in advance to whomever invites me to the next wedding, as this totally blows normal wedding gifts of serving bowls out of the water and I just might have to succumb to the "novelty" of it (even if it's a little tacky). 

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