Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Little Thing Called Stressful

I officially closed on the condo on Friday. 

(You may start applauding at any time now.)

However, it was one hell of a ride to get there, and that's not looking any farther back than the past two months alone! 

You see, there was lots of stuff that caused stress. 

Stress caused all sorts of other personal side effects, from weight gain to insomnia (and its subsequent caffeine abuse which then had its own host of crappy side effects) to basically going bat shit crazy for a couple of days in there towards the end where I simply decided to say fuck it I don't want to buy the stupid condo any more. 

My parents told me to shut up and go take a nap right then, and a few days later to go through with the sale of the condo even though the city of Boulder is being mean to me. 

(It's good to have parents.)

But I think the part that was the hardest was dealing with the emotional let down where it wasn't exciting and awesome. 

I had been wanting this so badly for so long, it was supposed to be the best thing ever. Instead it was one of the worst experiences of my life. 

Ok ok, that might have been a bit dramatic, but I'd still say top ten for worst experiences I've had as an adult.

And now I own it. 

The excitement I thought I would have was sorta there for about ten minutes after closing when I went over there to see it and found balloons left on the door handle for me by my beyond wonderful mother and got walk around inside touching everything and thinking mine mine mine. 

And then the realities of physically moving all my stuff came crashing in to my euphoric bubble and some of the stress came back. 

But only some. 

I've cut way back on caffeine again (you know, until I go in to work a midnight shift tonight at least), and am sorta sleeping the few hours I have to sleep at night. I've also been trying to not eat entire packages of doughnuts in one day (but no promises on when my pants will fit again, which is only a problem because I don't want to go buy new pants because that costs money and believe me, I never want to think about money ever again at this point.)

And I've been moving stuff. A few boxes a day. 

What's actually concerning me more at the moment is the state of my parents house, as it wasn't particularly tidy in the first place and my months of super stress over condo drama did not help with keeping things picked up and apparently I am completely incapable of packing anything without destroying the area around it.

Oh, and my children have been helping pack stuff too.

This is a process of sticking stuff like two ponies, a single brio train track, three puzzles, a half eaten piece of string cheese, the tv remote, and my left shoe into a box in the middle of the floor which I then hastily dumb out an hour later when I'm looking for my left shoe because I need to leave the house and which they then repeat but this time with my cell phone, the cat, and a handful of clothes from the clean laundry basket I haven't folded yet. Repeat every day.

So besides the part where I still have to convince some well muscled men folk to come be macho and move heavy couches and dressers, I also have to make that part logistically possible through the removal of all of the other stuff that is in the way of said furniture moving mostly because it is sitting in the middle of the floor from me unpacking my children's "helpful" efforts to pack. 

BUT... I own a condo. I will move there (eventually), and actually start to enjoy the benefits of all that labor and stress and slight personal breakdown. 

Just a little tiny bit farther to go to get there.....