Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Little Catching Up

Hey there. How are you doing? Life going ok in your small corner of the world? I think ok is a pretty damn good place to be most of the time. 

So, some of you (I know it's like a total of three, but you three make me feel super loved and appreciated as a blogger, so I will happily write long eloquent prose expressing my never ending adoration of you for noticing I exist) may have noticed I went from still-sometimes-daily-blogging to not writing at all for two months sorta suddenly. 

Sorry about that. 

My stress levels went to as-bad-if-not-worse-than-my-divorce level during the purchase of the condo, and that was even before I had to deal with physically packing and moving my belongings (by which I mean heavy books and children's toys, because really, who needs a bed?) and all of THAT fun. 

And then there was the rest of life. Children, work, boyfriend (yes, BOYFRIEND!!), laundry....

For a week I spent time every evening trying to write a novel. I got to 3000 words before the project was abandoned on account of life. 

My former mother in law came for a visit to see her grandchildren and spent a week hanging out with them while I was at work and with me too when I got off. 

The kids spent a week with their father, and I enjoyed some time having a little adult vacation with my boyfriend where we did crazy exhausting things like trying to climb mountains. 

Currently I'm dealing with the headache making challenges of getting kids ready for the school year and perks like whether I can afford a babysitter for the hours that I want one and which preschool Adrianna should attend because it gets really complicated with her IEP (special ed) designation and we have terrible infrastructure for working parents even with super awesome grandparents helping out.  

Oh, and I'm trying to plan a proper princess party for Kristina's 6th birthday. Because you know, that's like THE event of the year in her little mind so mommy better not fuck it up just because evite hates her so there still aren't any guests even though its only a week away and she messed up her work schedule and doesn't have off the day she reserved the park pavilion for even though she already paid them monies because the day she wanted it and was off of work already had a stupid corporate picnic holding the kids birthday party by the park pavilion. 

And in super exciting news, I dyed my hair dark purple and got half of it cut off. It still looks sorta long, but trust me, that is an illusion called "layering". My head feels so much lighter. And purple. 


  1. Life happening is a good reason not to blog! Just remember the stories to tell on it :)

    Good luck with the Princess Party! I have to figure out what to do for a Sweet 16. She wants a bounce house!!

  2. I wasn't too worried about you - moving is a bitch. Glad to hear that life is happening in your corner of the world. Happening here, too.

  3. These all seem like very valid reasons to take a blog break. Even though it was a trial for your devoted readers. But yes, reality does trump imaginary.

    Glad all is well. Are we going to get any details about the boyfriend? Like his name, where you met and his age. Most importantly: is he a Trekkie?