Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby Dinosaur

Adrianna is three and a half, and Adrianna likes dinosaurs.

She was super upset she outgrew her dinosaur sleeper. My go to back up dinner for her is a can of dinosaurs in sauce (aka spaghetti-os in dinosaur shapes). She has a couple tiny dinosaurs that live in her dollhouse and are as likely as the mini-princesses and fairies to be chosen for a pocket on any given day.

And she justifies all rawring regardless of appropriateness as an unfortunate side effect of her being a dinosaur.

However, the cutest part is when she pretends to be a baby dinosaur, because then she curls up in my arms for me to be the mama dinosaur. 

And she's gotten smart about it. She wants to be a baby dinosaur for Halloween.... just so she can rawr to her heart's content.

Being the supportive mother I am, I have come up with a couple ideas to make it the cutest thing ever.

Like putting pigtail bows on the generic dinosaur custom so people know she's a girl.

And an over-sized bib so people know she's a baby. 

And handing her a bottle filled with cranberry juice and doll limbs so people know her mama has an awesome sense of humor she's a carnivore. 

Little girl, big rawr.

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