Monday, August 19, 2013

First Day of Ballet

The shoes were fitted. The leotards found. The tights purchased. 

Finally, the first day of ballet class was here. 

Kristina was very excited. After all, she has been asking to do this for years and finds any new group situation exhilarating. 

Plus she's watched The Nutcracker a few hundred times, and is old enough to dream. 

This was Adrianna's first time doing an "extra curricular" class of anything. She was excited when we dug out Kristina's old leotards, and it took some serious convincing to get her to take off her little ballet slippers after we got them. 

But then I had the girls try everything on the night before just to make sure we would be set, and Adrianna was... Less than thrilled. 

However, I figured she just wasn't in the mood to wear a leotard (for the first time in months) right then, and that she'd get back into it once we were there. 

Yeah, I was wrong. 

There was lots of trouble in getting to class. 

First, even though I was able to get off of work in a timely manner, Kristina's summer camp was late getting back from their field trip to the pool so we were  definitely pushing it on time. 

Then I accidentally parked on the wrong side of the building and had trouble finding where the classrooms were. 

So Adrianna was a couple minutes late to her class. 

And she did not take to it well. 

I had to drag her out onto the dance floor, and then pry her death grip off of my arm so I could leave to get Kristina dressed and into her class. 

When I poked my head back in after applying a half dozen hair ties to Kristina's head in an attempt to make a bun out of her not overly cooperative hair, Adrianna saw me and took off running towards the door. 

When I sent her back in she had her head slumped forwards and her bottom lip out as far as it would go as she slowly shuffled over to the other kids. 

Then they did Ring Around the Rosie. 

Adrianna refused to hold hands with the other girls, but they grabbed onto her anyways and dragged her around in a circle until everyone else sat down as she stubbornly stood, crossing her arms and glaring a look that could kill at her classmates. 

She kept that posture and expression through the rest of the little dances, to the point that the teacher had to drag her shuffling across the floor when they were supposed to be doing leaps from one side to the other in an attempt to get her engaged. 

And then, when it was all done, Adrianna sulked in the corner instead of going to get a sticker and when I went to talk to her she climbed into my lap and started crying. 

So.... Not exactly the first day of dance class for Adrianna I was hoping for. 

We'll see how next week goes. We have until the third class to drop for the semester, and even though I really don't want to, it just seems cruel to make her keep doing something she is clearly not enjoying (not to mention a serious waste of money on my part). 

Kristina's first class, on the other hand, went wonderfully (judging from the parts I managed to see when not dealing with Adrianna). She was focused and calm and doing exactly what the teacher told her to do, and then was bummed that she had to wait a whole week for her next class when it was done. 

Maybe I'll put Adrianna into [something that requires no other children, minimal noise, and limited gross motor movement] class instead. 


  1. Robin asks to take classes then stubbornly refuses to participate once we are there. I took him out for awhile, but he is going to try soccer this fall. He gets one class to prove to me he'll participate.

    The picture is priceless.

  2. Oh man! Maybe next week she'll be more into it now that she's had a chance to see what it's about. If not, you still can get her out. It's nice they have that trial time frame!

    Glad Kristina likes it! My Angela has been dancing since she was 4 and will be 16 next month. She considers her studio her second home and is going to be sad when she graduates HS!

  3. I love that photo!

    Maybe there is a mommy and me dance class you could attend. C'mon. You know you want to wear a leotard, too!