Friday, August 30, 2013

Little Dress

The times I wear a particularly skimpy little sundress are entirely contained in the following three categories. 

(There would be a graph, but I'm writing this on my phone and I haven't downloaded an app for that.)


10% I feel like wearing something highly sexual. Usually this is either because I'm radiating self confidence (check out these awesome LEGS I have going on over here!), or trying to seduce a particular male in one manner or (a not subtle at all) other. However, I must confess, there has been once or twice in recent times where I have chosen to wear such garments in a rebellion of being grown up. If I can still look like an irresponsible college student, surely I can't be getting old yet. Don't worry, I'm certain any day now I'm going to look at myself in the mirror and realize how absolutely ridiculous I look, and why don't I just go put on some of those super comfortable elastic waist jeans and orthopedic shoes instead. 

15% the term "hot as balls", although somewhat distasteful and vulgar, is still a pretty accurate description of the weather. It's usually quite (or maybe I should say, relatively... I do live in Colorado after all) humid too, and wearing things like clothes just seems so personally taxing right then. 

75% I'm doing laundry. No really, I just want to get my work pants AND my jeans clean in this one load of laundry, and therefore my slightly limited in actually practical clothing items wardrobe puts me in a very short skimpy sundress. Because hey, at least it wasn't in the pile of laundry I want to wash right then because I almost never wear it except when I'm doing my laundry. 

So there you have it. A little short dress is sometimes code for sexy, and sometimes just the practicalities of laundry day. 


  1. I had a friend in college, who pretty much every time I told her how nice her outfit looked, she said "Laundry Day!"

  2. Substitute short dress for bra and I could have written this post.