Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today is Kristina's 6th birthday. 

In the past twelve months she started (and finished) kindergarten, (sorta) learned how to read and write and add a little bit (when she really wants to), lost her bottom two front teeth (but should have lost many more according to her) stopped playing with the boys (because they are mean and don't want to let girls play), and became extremely good at hula hooping. 

She still makes friends easily, but it also sensitive to kids excluding her from play. 

She still has meltdowns and tantrums, but also manages simple altruistic kindness to her little sister occasionally. 

She did a season of soccer and a season of t-ball, and got a reputation in both (wrong way Kristina and the only double play in little league history, respectively).   

Her drama is still drama, but it feels much older now in it's sass as she says "oh mom" and rolls her eyes at me. I'm not sure it's actually an improvement, but at least it adds variety from the three year old foot stomping Adrianna does. 

She seems big and little all at the same time, and some days it's hard to know whether she needs independence or cuddles to be her best. 

This coming year is going to be a big one for her. First grade at a integrated bilingual school will require her learning another language on top of the usual material. Ballet class will require a higher level of focus and discipline (and no talking during class). We will continue to grow as a family as the girls and I fill out our new home and adjust to my parents just living nearby.  

And of course, everything is intense with Kristina. But in a good way (most of the time). 

Happy birthday sweetheart.