Sunday, September 15, 2013


It's hard to know just how widespread or 'national news' worthy events in your town are when you're living through them, but I suspect a few of you may have heard about Boulder in the past few days and our little rain problem.

In summary, there has been a lot of rain, and all the water that falls in the mountain flows downhill (along with dirt, rocks, mud, and the occasional car or building).

There have been mountain towns completely washed away. There have been mountain towns completely isolated and required air lifting out by the national guard. There are mountain towns still holding their breath, hoping the storm moves out before they suffers any more damage.

Out of the mountains isn't fairing much better. A good portion of Longmont was completely destroyed from the St. Vrain River, and parts have been turned into islands off and on completely unable to get out of the city. Oh, and the water supply was contaminated from the waste water plant so a boil order is in effect for those folks until further notice.

Boulder has managed slightly better, in so far as most of the city was never COMPLETELY cut off from getting out (although there have certainly been road closures all over the place). But many homes flooded, many people were displaced, and clean up will be long.

I got lucky.

Turns out my new little condo happens to be on the "high" side of town, so in addition to having the distinct and obvious advantage of living on the third and forth floors right now, things like my parking lot have stayed relatively clear and non-lake-looking in appearance. Additionally, the building as a whole has kept things like power and water and hasn't felt particularly affected by the whole incident.

But then I read the road closures, and realized they were blocking off intersections within a few blocks of me on account of water and debris. Entire sections of ROAD are missing all over the place. And it keeps raining.

Thursday morning started like any other. I was dragging kids out of beds, coxing them into clothes, debating breakfast options while trying to get hair and teeth brushed. It was raining, just like it had been all week. I didn't think anything of it, they had been wearing rain coats and boots to school every day without incident.

Then my mom called, and asked how we were doing.

I was totally bewildered by why she would be calling right now, and her concern over... um, what??

She informed me about the school closures, the flash flood warnings, the desecration of Jamestown and now dangerous state of all the getting into or out of the mountains.

Oh. Well then. I guess we don't need to be in such a rush to get out the door after all.

I called in to work Thursday and Friday, and the kids and I spent a couple days taking full advantage of the use of a certain gentleman's Netflix account and waiting for the rain to stop.

My (very wonderful) mom was able to get out of the mountains through a very round-about way detouring through Central City and then down to Golden on Friday afternoon, and brought the kids back up with her so I could at least work my scheduled weekend shift at Target (and I was rather glad for the respite break from being in small confines with just my little people at that point regardless of the reason for it).

The school district in Longmont declared Friday (or was it Saturday??) that they will be closed this coming week at least through Thursday. The Boulder school district includes the mountain ones, and had issued a statement that schools would be OPEN come Monday with the exception of the mountain schools and a select few that were still physically under water.

But then it started raining on Sunday, and serious concerns about whether my kids could get back out of the mountains came up.

I was surprised by how emotionally distressing I found it to be facing the prospect of being that forcibly separated from my little girls despite them being in a very safe place. Turns out I don't like the idea of them being trapped up in the mountains away from me. But my mother, either out of compassion for me or personal bravery on her part (or desperately wanting a break from her little grand children), took a break in the weather to chance getting down here after all.

I was very relieved, and looking forward to settling back into our routine of school in the morning (not to mention the ever important Ballet Class on Monday afternoons).

...........And then I was notified that Boulder decided to close schools district wide after all for Monday and Tuesday.

It's ok, I didn't really need to go to work anyways. And, um... there's no such thing as too many Disney movies??

I'm totally lying right there, just so you know. There is totally such a thing as too many Disney movies. See also: too many days trapped in a small space with a melo-dramatic high energy extrovert who is literally bouncing off of the walls at this point and whom never stops talking to me and a small demon in pigtails who likes to bite when she's feeling ornery or bored and expresses all opinions by screaming these days.

In summary, my area has been hit pretty hard, my family is fine and with all their dwellings secure and not evacuated, and I am eagerly anticipating another few days of lock down mode with my munchkins.

That was also a lie. Nederland has school age care and preschool programs up and running for tomorrow, and I'm slightly regretting my haste to pull them back out of the mountains since the City of Boulder is not nearly as awesome at coming together and taking care of the community and it's needs.... including the needs of their littlest members (or at least the sanity of their keepers.)


  1. Thanks for the update. Will send good thoughts your way.

  2. Glad you're all okay, even if your sanity is suffering!

  3. I'm glad your safe and sound and uptodate on the Disney movie catalogue.