Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Homework Time

Kristina's class is full steam ahead for math homework on a nightly basis, and because she is slightly behind on reading (I honestly thought if she was read to a lot something would just click... Eventually........), I have been informed she will have nightly extra reading homework as well. 

So with the start of the school year our routine has added Homework Time before bed. 

Not to be left out anything, Me Too (also known by her birth name, Adrianna, on occasions when separated from her big sister) has insisted on having her own homework every night as well. 

(Note to self: get a preschool workbook for her to do pages in)

It is really rather cute, at least during the moments when I'm not getting twitchy from explaining to Kristina how to count basic addition. Again. For the fifth time today. After going over it half a dozen times yesterday. And the day before that. And the day before that....

(See also: why I don't do homeschooling) 


  1. It really is worth it to get a workbook for Me Too. Soon enough it will be like pulling teeth to get her to do her own homework, so enjoy the enthusiasm while it lasts!

  2. Hey - stay safe up there. Don't do anything dumb like try to float an inflatable mattress to Walmart just because you're bored and want to shop. (True redneck story, BTW.)