Friday, October 11, 2013

A Doll for Christmas

Remember how the other day I posted about Adrianna's destroying of my American Girl Doll and how it had left our whole family very sad??

I had actually written the blog post a few weeks back but had forgotten to tidy it up and post it that evening (see also: how I have almost 400 draft blog posts linked to this blog), since I had written it on my phone and it's hard to put in links to old posts via the blogger app and at the time was thinking I'd just do that real quick on the computer later and then publish it.

But something happened on Wednesday that made me remember about the blog post and which made it SUPER IMPORTANT to post it asap, because without having posted it I couldn't post this one!

Wednesday... I was on my usual morning break in the Target Employee Break Room. I had forgotten my book that day (a travesty, I know), thus I was cruising facebook as it seemed more interesting than watching the originally-in-Mandarin-now-dubbed-into-Spanish infomercials that were on the TV right then (do you see what we do with cable??? le sigh).

There was a post from American Girl there in the middle of my news feed, saying there was a special promotion for select items up to 60% off with this special deal through the Today Show. I clicked the link, not expecting it to be much worthy of excitement, but it's not like there was anything else more interesting for me to stare at for the next ten minutes, and you never know, it might be something good.

The past couple of evenings I'd been looking at various knock-off American Girl dolls, trying to price out what would be the cheapest most economical to get Adrianna for Christmas, since she had broken the leg off of my old one and was still a little tearful about it (not to mention the part where I might have a slight soft spot in my heart for dolls in particular and my children wanting them). There's a lot of brands making the 18" knock offs these days, some cuter than others, but the Target Our Generation ones are definitely cute enough and the cheapest around (even before my employee discount, although I suppose in full disclosure the Walmart My Life dolls really aren't all that much pricier if you're not using said employee discount and are possibly even half a hair cuter), so I was planning on getting her one of those and a new outfit and maybe a little accessory set (the doll sized tea set is just the sort of thing she'd like), for about $40 of her Christmas budget this year. 

It was my plan. It was a very reasonable way to go given both Adrianna's current age and my current budget, and would still make for a special morning for her while maybe in a few years we could do a big American Girl Christmas.

And then there was this link on facebook, to a special promotions code for the Cecile and Marie-Grace American Girl dolls packaged up with their special occasions dresses, $60 per doll/accessories/special dresses bundle.

You know, the dolls that usually cost $129 for just the doll and accessories, another $44 for the special occasions dress.... one with light brown hair almost the exact shade of Adrianna's, just like she had asked for.............


(Turns out I can be motivated to literally run to my credit card, it just takes the right item in the right circumstances for the right price. I'm not sure this is good thing, and it might make me lecturing my children about not being driven by consumerist materialism a little harder to do with a straight face.)

So now, in 8-10 business days, Adrianna's ultimate Christmas present will arrive on my door step.

And eventually I will stop gazing at the pretty doll in the pretty pictures on the pretty website, all while thinking she's mine Adrianna's.

(You know, in about 8-10 business days when she arrives and I can hide away in my closest to gaze at her in person.)


  1. Well done, super shopper!

    Here in the confines of your American-based blog I am going to make a confession. The Maplelea dolls (the knockoff version of American Dolls for those living north of the 49th parallel) are HORRIBLE! They terrify me. Yours are superior.

  2. I bought one of those for "my girls" that belong to my sister wife/former neighbor.