Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Few Moments of Song

Little children breaking out in heartfelt song for your listening and viewing pleasure today.


Kristina came home from her first day of summer camp singing that one. It's good to know summer camp is still... um, summer camp. 


I especially liked Adrianna's moment of harmony, and Kristina's "die, die, die" refrain. Because if there's one message you want to drive home about eating healthy, it's the possible side effect of dying if you don't.

Wait, what are they teaching them in schools these days?


I'm actually sorta impressed by the musical qualities of this spontaneously made up Adrianna riding song. I'm not sure if it means my child is a musical genius or if it just shows the incessant chord repetition present in nearly all children's music (and, for the record, a lot of the super popular boy band pop songs too).

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