Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Adrianna, Destroyer of Dolls

Adrianna loves dolls. Big dolls, small dolls, cloth, plastic, wood, baby, barbie. If it has a semblance of a person (or mermaid or fairy...) she likes it. A lot.

In fact, you could even make the case that she is so enamored with her doll toys that she loves them to death. 

This is nothing new in her childhood, we have quite the history of falling apart dolls after they became Adrianna's favorite.

There was the toddler princess doll I finally took away from her when it was down to a torso, one arm and a head with bride-of-Frankenstein hair, mostly just because I was embarrassed for her to be seen carrying around the deformed remains of a doll in public, but I'm sure the case could be made for its questionable safety after loosing three limbs during play time. 

Countless Barbie and Barbie-sized princess dolls have been beheaded, and a few de-legged as well. 

And if it is a doll who has hair, Adrianna has most certainly twisted the hair into dreadlocks by now. 

However, last week she managed to do her most notable de-limbing to date. 

Some of you may recall Kristina's grand adventure to the American Girl Store a few years back and her being given the pretty blonde doll she now calls Annabel and whom has a special place of authority (and safety, as it is higher than Adrianna can reach) on her bookcase where she lives most of the time.

Adrianna, who loves all dolls and whom was already accustomed to just "inheriting" (aka bringing into her bed when no-one was looking) all of her sister's dolls as her own, was not happy when Kristina (and Mama) said this one was off limits to her playtime. In an effort to console the heartbroken child (ok, she might be a little bit spoiled), I had brought out one of my beloved American Girl dolls from my own childhood and somewhat tearfully let the very small child who had already demonstrated her propensity to ruin doll hair and behead the poor things have one of my childhood treasures. 

(Adrianna do you see how much I love you??) 

And in addition to making the doll's hair into twisted dreadlocks, she even tore half the wig out during her nightly hair twisting as she falls asleep routine. 


But it was ok, because it was one of her favorite dolls and being a high quality toy (although admittedly, designed for a much older age set), it seemed to actually be holding up quite well (hair excluded) to Adrianna's loving. 

........Until she broke the leg of one night last week. 

These things happen. I'm even pretty sure she was even almost as distraught as me over it happen, when she ran out of her bedroom sobbing about her doll being broken and begging me to fix it. 

I looked up the cost to re-attach the limb and get the doll a new head on the American Girl Website, and it was nearly as much as a new doll would be.

Sorry Adrianna, your doll is just going to be legless for the time being. 

......Or maybe some duct tape might help............. 

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  1. This is timely. I recently scored two AG Dolls for the girls in my life. I thought they were indestructable. I guess not.