Sunday, October 13, 2013

An Update on Ballet

Ballet classes have been happening every Monday for a couple months now.

Kristina is greatly enjoying it, even though every class begins with me telling her she's not allowed to talk to her friends during it.

(Kristina sorta has this thing for talking, just in case you didn't know, and I probably do not commend her enough for the occasions when she manages to not do it continuously.)

The very practical dress code of black leotard and tights, no tutu, is still a little hard for her. Although she's been good about it when we get to class, she has asked for a PINK leotard costume WITH ATTACHED TUTU to play dress up in at home. 

We don't need to discuss the several very poofy pink tutus already residing in our dress up collection thanks to a super awesome and super crafty aunt, or how I've attempted to explain that most tutus don't come attached anyways even for the real ballerinas and can you please just play with the ones we have already??

The part where Adrianna's class can where whatever they want doesn't exactly help this matter. 

Adrianna has been participating in classes since the first one, but I'm still not sure she's exactly enjoying it. Her teacher will often put on music and let the kids have free dance time a few minutes before class starts (mostly just so she can keep them from being terrors while she goes and changes, I think), and all the other girls find it great fun to dance about in front of the big wall of mirrors. Adrianna sits down on a chair in the corner with an expression of... something... Pity? Disgust? Boredom? Fear? It sure isn't a happy look residing on her little face, although she at least stops sulking and follows the teachers instructions once class actually starts, which might just be as good as I'm going to get from her.

Now if I could only figure out if it's dancing itself or just the other kids that she doesn't like....