Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Flood Pictures

Remember when I mentioned the great Boulder Flood of 2013? And how I sorta didn't know it was happening until a little after the fact??

That was because my exact location happened to just be a little wet. 

And even though that makes it hard to take crazy pictures of missing high ways and puddles up to a grown man's chest, it did make for some excellent splashing.

(You know, until I read the article saying sewage plants had been compromised and to avoid being in the water whenever possible, right after we got back inside from our puddle hopping fun.)

My favorite part of this is how the girls were wearing swimsuits underneath their rain jackets. Because really, what else should one wear to go get soaking wet?

And of course, what could possibly wear afterwards while sipping hot chocolate to warm back up besides fuzzy flannel nighties?

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