Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hobby Aspiration

Alright, so there's not a lot of time or personal motivation for me to really hobby it up right now, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I would do given sufficient resources at my disposal.

  • Horse back riding. I was the child who managed to convince her parents she liked horses enough to go to Girl Scout horse camp for two weeks in the summer for a few years, but not enough to get riding lessons the rest of the time. This may have been partially because horses as an animal aren't all that awesome (they are sorta large and smelly, and horse camp had a lot more mucking and carrying heavy stuff than actual trotting time), but RIDING them is still absolutely exhilarating. Articulating this subtle difference can be challenging. I enrolled myself in riding lessons that lasted about eight months of us living in Oklahoma four or five years ago, and keep scheming about how I could do said lessons again. Perhaps as a family bonding activity this next summer, where we all get horses? Or maybe my personal present to myself can be a horse when Adrianna leaves for college, instead of that sexy pink convertible I was also day dreaming about buying that day.
  • Archery. Because you never know when having that sort of skill just might save you from the zombies. 
  • Photography. Yeah yeah, I've never used a camera that took actual lenses that could be changed out, know absolutely nothing about film, even less about digital editing, and these days don't even bother with a real camera since getting my iPhone. But I do like taking pictures, especially of people, and would like to be able to take more time to do it. So there. 
  • Piano lessons. I took enough years of music theory to be able to pound out basic tunes, but man would it be nice to actually be able to play. Then I'd have a reason to own a piano too, beyond just because I want one. Oh, and some singing lessons would be sweet too, mostly just because I'm insanely self-conscience over singing in front of people, and therefore ONLY sing to my children. Because you know, it started when they were a little tiny fussy baby and I was just crooning at them to try and make them not crying and then I started humming Christmas carols and it was really all downhill from there, to where they make requests for specific songs every night and "mommy has a cold and her throat sorta hurts so she doesn't really feel like serenading you with Amazing Grace right now" is totally not a reasonable thing to say. 
  • Jet skiing. Because riding manatees is illegal.
  • Baking. I do bake some things, like cookies, and have lots of fun doing it mostly because I really like eating cookies and giving cookies to other people because other people love cookies too. But I'd love to take on stuff like baking bread. Oh my goodness how I love fresh bread... I could totally make it myself, right? I just need to figure out how, and then do it a few hundred times so it actually works right. 
  • Welding. Again, it just seems like a useful life skill to have. 
  • Drawing. I actually could kinda sorta do it ok back in school when I had art class and dedicated time where I was supposed to do nothing but work on trying to make something on the piece of paper. I lack 'innate talent' for anything, but feel like drawing was something I was less lacking in than some other areas. I suspect painting could be fun too, but I've never used paint that wasn't described as "water" or "poster" in my entire life, and am rather scared of Bob Ross
  • Zumba. What can I say, it looks like fun, and I always thought music would have made my martial arts studying better. Lets not get into my short lived interest with Capoeira and how it ended with my falling on my face a couple of times right now. Besides, I'm sure Zumba would be totally different. Maybe.  

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