Friday, October 18, 2013

Hobby Time

I was thinking about my tendency to overly blog about stuff like my deep internal ponderings of dolls and cute pictures of my kids, and how I didn't ever want to become "a mommy blogger" while utterly failing to not be one.

So then I was like, well I just need to blog about my hobbies more.

Sounds easy enough.

Totally doable.

Ready, GO!!


*chirp chirp*



Ok, so it turns out that to have hobbies one must have things like time, money, and energy to invest in cultivating whatever activity of personal interest, and I might not have a whole lot of any of those just begging to be occupied by a new hobby, between that whole working full time and having two kids and living on my own and occasionally even doing something as crazy as a date or sleeping for more than 5 hours.... Yeah, can't imagine where all my time and energy goes.

HOWEVER, the somewhat lack of true hobby is no match for my blogging powers, and this next week will be all about my (possibly imaginary) hobbies!

For today, it's all about the blogging. You see, blogging is probably the one thing I do these days that could even sorta be considered a real hobby, and even though it does not lend itself to particularly great topics to blog about most of the time, it's what I do.

My favorite part of it is how it can be whatever I want it to be. It doesn't even have to be words, I can just post pictures or YouTube music videos, if I'm not feeling in a talkative mood. I can tell the cute stories about what my kids did today, write inspirational prose on contemporary political topics, or just lament about how I sorta walked into the wall and almost broke my nose through rhymed verse if I feel so motivated.

Albeit unintentional, I have documented most of my children's lives, through pictures and stories, and captured my own thoughts and feelings at the time it was all happening. Props to mommy bloggers everywhere, that's pretty damn cool to look back at over the years. Also, anyone who wants to stay up on the girls' lives can easily do so simply by reading, the blog is open to anyone.

And the most awesome part: my blogger friends. I don't have a lot, nor am I well connected in super awesome blogger circles, but I sure adore the few gals I have. They are people, real people, who have their own crazy stories to share and through whatever happenstance stumbled across me and decided to stick around, to follow my story offering congratulations and condolences as needed along the way. They are the reason I blog, because I know they are here to read it. Thank you.

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