Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Television and Me

Kristina has the (at times highly annoying) habit of talking excessively while watching television. 

"Who is that? What is he doing? Where are they? Why are they there? Are those trees? Why are there trees? What are they doing now? Who's that?"

I always attributed this trait of hers to just be part of her extroverted personality and the subsequent need to constantly talk to other people. Her father has an awesome aunt who is also a bit renowned for the exact same characteristic (they are super cute and super chatty together), so I always assumed it might have had a genetic influence from that side of the family.  

As in, not from me. 

And then, I was watching a Sherlock Holmes movie with Wes (the awesome boyfriend), and apparently I was slightly inquisitive about the going ons and thus voiced said inquisitions to said boyfriend. 

And he turned his head and responded "why don't you just watch the movie and find out, Kristina". 


When I was regaling my coworker with this story today, she suggested that some of it might be because I wasn't used to watching thought provoking television. 

I was all for this idea, yes of course that must be it!!! The firing brain neurons were surprising to me! I had share my excitement!  

.....except that then I admitted to her that some of the mind numbing television I watch is actually by myself (and not solely kids animation for my children) with stuff like Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. 

She patted my hand and said, "sometimes you're such a cliché mom."

Ahem ahem. 


  1. I will not comment upon stereotypical mom tv shows. I'm reading blog in one window, and on the other I'm watching Remington Steele off Hulu. Who am I to judge?