Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Perks of the One-Legged Baby

I have come to realize that Adrianna's unfortunate removal of my, ahem, her American Girl doll leg comes with a few certain advantages.

(Yes yes, I know, it's the third blog post about Adrianna and these dolls in a week. But this a blog of whatever I happen to feel like talking about right then, and I've just been thinking about dolls a lot. Or writing blog posts right after tucking Adrianna into bed in the evening, when it's all about having the right dolls to sleep with, because one simply cannot go to sleep with Ariel if they actually wanted their Barbie doll that night or the Cabbage Patch Baby in place of Raggedy Ann. It is known. Also, did you see how I managed to publish a blog post every day for the past week? Go me!! It may or may not be solely a side effect of feeling great shame at the possibility of being at less than a blog post a week for the year with how blogging was going, but regardless, look! BLOG!!) 

Anyways, back to the advantages of one-legged dolls. 

First up: you only need one shoe. I have no idea where the second doll shoe goes, but finding a matched set is always EXTREMELY challenging for us, which boggles my mind because it's just like, where would the other one even go?? It's not like these are tiny Barbie shoes to be sucked up by the vacuum or eaten by the cat, it has to be around here somewhere. 

Second: teaches diversity. Sometimes people look a little different from yourself, but that doesn't mean they lack for some serious awesomeness. Plus it makes them the best pirate costume ever, with authentic peg leg. 

Third: your child will always know witch doll is theirs. No getting them confused with someone else's or the toy story thinking you're walking out the door with unpaid merchandise here!

Fourth: Enhanced imagination. For example, I'm pretty sure if you plant the now-detached leg in the garden, a doll tree will grow from it. 

And now, dear readers, please let me know of any special perks one-legged dolls provide that I have missed here on my list. After all, someone else must have a child who is loving her dollies into pieces. 

(Anyone? Anyone at all???)

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