Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Letter Reflections

As a child, I loved getting the annual Christmas cards from relatives. Seeing my cousins grow, reading the letters about the happenings in their lives, it was very exciting to me and something I aspired to do once I became a grown up. 

The first year of "being a grown up" (you know, the one where I graduated college and got married and had a baby and was still motivated to be like, lets do this life!!) I was all about the Christmas cards.

I ended up ordering two batches of picture perfect family holiday cards from the Sears Portrait Studio, because I couldn't decide which color scheme was better. A letter was drafted and redrafted, special paper and matching envelopes procured, and everything was ready to go into the mail as of December First.

The following year involved two cross country moves, a busy-being-soldier husband, a toddler who liked to scream for hours every night at bedtime, and a lonely worn down me. I honestly can't remember if I pulled photo cards (much less a letter) together or not for that year. And I'm sorta ok letting my brain forget some things.

The following year included another cross country move, a deployment, a shit-ton of snow, and oh my god was I super pregnant when December rolled around. I'm pretty sure there weren't any holiday cards or letters this year, since all I wanted to do after I got up the Christmas lights was lie in my bed and drool. But like I said, sometimes it's ok to just let these things go.

Then there was the year we were getting a divorce. Again, not exactly awesome Christmas letter fodder going on here (and we won't even get into my personal motivation on these matters at this point), but I did manage to pull off some online ordered cards of the children sitting by the tree. The baby may or may not have been eating Christmas lights in said picture.

A year at my parents and a less-than-easy divorce that was caught up in the gears, the first time getting family pictures with just me and the girls... I did not want to so much as think about making Christmas cards happen.

Then there was the year stuff was sorta ok. Not great, mind you, but the part where it was just me and the girls was ok. So I got some picture cards of that when we did the annual family pictures for my parents to show the world it was ok, and some of them with us for that side of the family as well. But it was still a hard year to reflect back on, many failures about stuff like "move out of my parents basement" and "get a real job".

Which brings us to year seven. This has been a good year. I bought and moved into my own perfect condo. I started dating the very wonderful boyfriend. I... didn't get fired from working at Target? Ok, so work is still a little lacking in the "accomplishments" category, but I'm much more ok with that since managing to make financial independence to a reasonable standard of living happen with the salary I get. The girls are getting older. Adrianna has made leaps and bounds with her speech therapy, and is too smart for her own good most of the time. Kristina adores ballet and has made some very good friends at school, where she is at least marginally passing academically. Sometimes they even manage to play nicely together without immanent concern of physical danger or me referring every 30 seconds.

And I still didn't manage to pull off an actual Christmas letter.

Maybe me and Christmas letters just weren't meant to be. 

However, portrait studio cards were ordered, and I even remembered to get them in the mail before Christmas despite loathing the local post office and loosing the ultimate address list, so all-in-all I'm pretty satisfied without having sent an actual letter detailing said life accomplishments.

Besides, anybody who's anybody knows to just keep tabs on the blog I sometimes remember I have. 


  1. Very cute cards! I posted my letter on my blog. If I can't be sarcastic, I can't be myself, so the letter is very us. I share the good, the bad, the ugly and hilarious.

  2. We didn't do a Xmas letter this year. But in the past I've done ones authored by the cat (yes, I'm that lady now) and once a trivia quiz to test people's knowledge of my family. Because once the kids are literate and you're done reproducing, there isn't a whole lot of fodder for a Xmas letter unless you are into being a shameless braggart. Hence this year, I just sent out cards I made using cartoon panes from an old Empire Strikes Back graphic novel. I thought they were cool.