Sunday, December 29, 2013

Little Names

One of the things I've always wanted to do for my kids is to put their names on their bedroom door(s).

There are MANY people on Etsy and eBay who will make custom door hanging signs for you (google it), and I contemplated it for a while while living at my parents house (since they have nice wooden doors that haven't been white washed and would staunchly object to me getting my craft on) to get one that said "Kristina and Adrianna's Room". 

But somehow in life (and the not overly cheap price tag associated with these custom works of art), it didn't happen. 

And then we moved into our own little condo this past summer, and I almost delayed moving in just so I could paint up their bedrooms. Some gentle encouragement from my parents and a natural impatience to get into my own place finally combined to have the move in occur pre-painting.

(Sorry kids, I know I sorta dropped the ball on making the ultimate pink (and purple) rooms happen here. You can spend your teenage years bemoaning to your therapist about it.)

I was concerned that if I didn't do it before moving in, painting their rooms would be something that just didn't ever happen. And in some ways, as we've now been here for over six months and I finally got around to pinning up the used-to-be-Kristina's-but-are-now-Adrianna's alphabet letters yesterday, I may have been right about my personal level of motivations to get these decorating sorts of things done while living here day to day and having much more pressing concerns of laundry and dishes and oh-my-god-how-do-you-have-so-many-toys-in-your-bedroom-I-almost-died-twice-while-walking-to-your-bed-to-kiss-you-good-night.

But dammit, I wanted their rooms to be personalized. 

I had even gone so far as to buy stencils and sponge brushes and paints back in the middle of the whirlwind of closing and moving, determined to at least get their names painted somewhere.

It didn't happen before move in, but it DID happen today. 

Turns out my children have too many letters in their names for the size stencils I got. Also, eyeballing a nicely arched line is harder than it looks. And reusing the same letters over and over again is kinda a pain once the stencils get covered in paint. And I don't even want to get into what happens when you wash off the sponge brush to change paint colors but don't dry it out all the way.

However the end result was still pretty cute (crooked letters and all). 

And most importantly, the girls LOVED them.

Well, Adrianna loved hers. Kristina promptly asked me to put some flowers and hearts and butterflies on her door in addition to her name, so it looks like I get to have another visit to the craft store.

Just in case you were wondering, their adorable doorway curtains can be bought over at Hearthsong, and were a "congratulations on your new house" present to us from a dear (and sympathetic to the lack of time for a legit paint job and subsequent mommy guilt) friend of mine. And they really do an amazing job of making an ordinary bedroom into something truly special.

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  1. Adorable! To be honest, I was on top of the names/cute rooms thing in the Batcave. Since our move to the Manor, a year + ago, I have done zip aside from putting a few peel-n-stick graphics on the walls of the kids rooms. Robin is still sleeping in a room with pink flowered wallpaper. Poor baby Robin.