Sunday, December 8, 2013

Seasonal Stitches

This year has been very exciting for me with the purchase of my condo..... which immediately harkens into unilateral control over Christmas Decorating by (yay!) me.

And even though there were some naysayers along the way condemning the putting up of Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, I was enthusiastically enjoying my power and my new electrical cord approved staple gun.

But I wanted something bigger than strings of lights.

A search was begun, including all the usual suspects of Amazon and Target, and then I saw it at Home Depot of all places.

A 4 foot tall blue dinosaur, appropriately festive in a jaunty Santa hat.

Now there were some pretty awesome light up pink flamingos as well, and I did briefly deliberate over which to get (the obvious answer was both of them, but after I was so super good on sticking to my present budget for the kids it seemed like a shame to blow my holiday decorating budget on an impulsive indulgence outdoor light up decorations), but the dinosaur was the clear winner with it's classic broad-spectrum appeal.

(Some people just really hate pink flamingos...) 

Needless to say I immediately set about putting it together, cackling gleefully and envisioning my deck looking like something out Christmas Vacation in no time.

When I met the girls at the bus stop that afternoon, I was excited to show them the most awesome Christmas light up dinosaur decoration, and of course immediately told them I had a surprise inside.

Kristina's eyes lit up as she asked, is it a puppy??

Uh, no...

Is it Santa??

Uh, no....

Is it candy???

Lets just go inside now and I'll show you, mkay?

Turns out Kristina probably would have been more excited for a sufficiently large candy bar, but I'm going to hold on to the hope that Adrianna thought "a pet dinosaur" was the most awesome thing ever (at least until she tells me otherwise).

But then there were unforeseen complications. I had been hoping I could just staple gun it to the deck rail for all the world to see and admire, until I attempted this and realized my super awesome dinosaur had a stance wider than the deck rail. After some creative pondering, I went with procuring my parents' old card table with the hopes of attaching the dinosaur to it and then attaching the table to the deck itself.

However, a few weeks had passed during this pondering time and Thanksgiving travels, and I was getting impatient with myself for missing out on all this glorious Christmas light up dinosaur appreciation time that was passing by alarmingly quick.

And this is when the story takes a dark and sordid twist, for it was in my own impatience to rig up the dino that I picked a time when I was already tired and stressed (and therefore not as focused and much more clumsy), and then made the mistake of cutting zip ties without carefully considering the location of all of my limbs.

A trip to urgent care and a few fore-arm stitches later, my dinosaur is still not rigged up and my enthusiasm for Christmas decorations has been seriously subdued.

Ah well, there's always next year. And maybe one of those light/sound systems....

[Note to self: re-read HOA bylaws to see if they specifically prohibit music light shows on decks]


  1. Eeew, that bites! Hope the rest of the season going well!

  2. It's cute! The dinosaur, that is. Not your wound.