Blogger has a feature which pops up the ten top read posts for viewers to easily click over to (on the right side, below the adorable and regularly changed slideshow). But this makes it so they just keep getting more and more clicks, permanently stuck up there whether or not they're any better than anything else.

So here are some of my personal favorites from the first year gathered up for you all:

6 Dead Bodies
Sexy Panties
Reassuringly Human
A Little Bit Racist
Elegant Dresses
Purple People
Gymnastics, Day 1
I'm So Cool
Old McDonald had a Pumpkin Patch
A Toothy Tale
What It Means
Pooping Cows
How To Attend A Birthday Party
Making Fudge Pt. 1
Making Fudge Pt. 2
Gingerpoo Man
Oh The Irony: Wedding Edition
Spelling Morals of an Armadillo
Like Mother, Like Daughter: Fancy Dresses
The Unrecognized Talents of Breastfeeders
Zoo Trip!
Geographically Declined
Easter Outtakes
Parenting Reform

Suggestions of ones YOU really liked that aren't here or on the most read blogger list? By all means, please mention them to me. I have these amazing blog controlling editing powers and can add them!

(It's almost as good as holding the remote and car keys at the same time!)

Continued in Holodeck 2

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